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Madelyn Collum, CRNP

Meet Madelyn Collum, affectionately known as Maddiee! Her journey from unconventional learning to esteemed healthcare professional reflects her unique spirit and dedication. Raised in Mobile, Alabama, Maddiee discovered her passion for healthcare early on, eventually becoming a gastroenterology specialist and acute care nurse practitioner.

But beyond her professional accolades lies her greatest joy—being a devoted mother to her son, Maverick, and sharing a life filled with love alongside her husband and two furry companions.

At the heart of Maddiee’s work is a commitment to compassion and exceptional care. Her mission to positively impact lives drives her to deliver top-tier healthcare services infused with empathy and understanding. When she’s not on duty, Maddiee enjoys retail therapy, unwinding at the beach, and cherishing precious moments with her loved ones.

With a firm belief in lifelong learning, Maddiee is dedicated to personal and professional growth. She continually seeks opportunities to expand her expertise in healthcare, aspiring to make a significant difference in the lives of her patients.

Maddiee lives by the motto, “Compassion is the key to healing,” embodying the transformative power of empathy in healthcare. With her compassionate nature and unwavering dedication, she aims to leave a lasting positive impact on the world, one patient at a time.